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Kim Gong-Ja (김공자) is the main character of SSS-class Suicide Hunter.


He has black hair and black eyes with white pupils. In the webcomic, his eyes turn red whenever he uses his aura.


At the beginning of the story, Kim Gong-ja has a pitiful personality that's full of jealousy and spitefulness towards the successful. The envy he harbored was so great, the tower decided to reward it. However, this envious man was brimming with self hate too. Desperately, he wanted to become someone successful, someone worthy of recognition and glory unlike himself at the time. This enables Gong-Ja to kill himself multiple times over in his 'first regression'.

As the story moves on, Kim Gong-Ja's true personality seems to shine. Although he is a shrewd man with an equally scheming brain, his soul is mentioned as righteous many times. His schemes may be that of a masochist, but his intentions remain pure. To achieve his goals, he is stubborn and won't stop at anything to get what he wants. Despite his selfish and self-fulfilling nature, he is a compassionate person and is mindful of other's feelings (partially due to his skill, 'I Want To Be Just Like You') , whether they be an NPC or hunter. The one kind of person he sincerely detests are psychopaths.

Kim Gong-Ja finds many things embarrassing and believes that he is surrounded by crazy people. Unfortunately, he has experienced so much hostility during his life, that he is weak to goodwill.

Additionally, has a talent for bullshitting.


Before entering the tower, Kim Gong-Ja lived his life as an orphan. Even after entering, he was a below average hunter that adored and worshiped higher rankers . This admiration later turned into envy though, and Yoo Soo-Ha became the main subject of Gong-Ja's jealousy. This below average hunter's life changed when he received a S-Rank Skill Card for the toxic envy he developed. His gifted S-Rank Skill Card allowed him to receive the power of those who killed him.

A few hours later, he came across Yoo Soo-Ha killing the Sword Saintess, and to make sure nobody knew what happened, Yoo Soo-Ha killed Kim Gong-Ja too. Luckily, Kim Gong-Ja's skill activated and he received Yoo Soo-Ha's EX skill which allowed the user to be revived 24 Hours before he was killed. The combination of the S-Rank skill he was gifted and the EX skill he recently received became the kick-start to his new reset life.


  • "Everything was unfair. I could have lived a better life. I had the right to live a better life. But, I also made three mistakes: Died by mistake. Lived making mistakes. Born by mistake. Was everything a mistake since birth?"
  • "No matter how easy it is to make money, a hunter must be a hunter... even with all the money in the world, without power then it would eventually be robed."
  • (To Sword Emperor) "Oh no. This person's saying things he shouldn't. Aren't we partners, partner? Forever friends. Best friends! Who in the world would kill their best friend? From now on, we'll be together forever."
  • "My Death Lasts Longer than your Life"


  • He killed himself 4,090 times to return to the past in order to kill Yoo Soo-Ha.
  • As of the latest chapter on the manhwa Kim Gong-Ja suicide 6 more times while talking to Sword Saint Marcuz Calenbury thus making his kill count 4099(this isn't entirely true since the Sword Saint killed him so he technically didn't kill himself but was murdered 6 times by Marcus, so it would stay at 4093 or 4092)
  • He did not enter high school and stopped his education at middle school.
  • Kim Gong-Ja's name means Confucius in Korean. His name was given by the caretaker of the orphanage, who wanted him to become a person as great as Confucius.
  • He may not entered highschool but his I.Q. is higher than average human
  • The goblins gave him many nicknames like "Foul-mouthed Lion", "The one who loves to hit with their hands" or "Believer of education through violence"


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